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How To Tackle Messy Clothing Stains

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Clorox 2 for Colors Laundry Stain Remover and Color Booster

Living is messy business, and stains are nearly impossible to avoid. We all have that thing we do that results in a splatter or smudge — don’t deny it!

Whether you’re the one who is regularly taste testing in the kitchen (and dripping on that apron), or wrangling the dog in the backyard (with the grassy knees to prove it), there’s an easy trick that’ll tackle your signature stain: Clorox 2® for Colors Stain Remover & Color Brightener. Watch the video above to see how it works to keep your clothes clean after any muddy moment.

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17 Best Interior Design Books 2021

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Regardless of how much of a design buff you are, there’s always room for a bit of inspiration now and again. An interior design book, which is a simple way to dress up your coffee table, desk, or bookshelf, can amp up your decorating skills. Whether you’ve longed for a more stylish living room, a cozier bedroom, or a relaxing bathroom retreat, this collection of interior design books is filled with more than enough tips and tricks to inject personality into your home.


“Live Beautiful” by Athena Calderone

In Live Beautiful, Athena Calderone, the creative force behind the lifestyle site Eyeswoon, offers a glimpse into the homes of accomplished creatives ranging from decorators like Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent to fashion tastemakers like Jenna Lyons. They share the inspiration behind their well-decorated homes and how the average homeowner can recreate the look. 


S Is for Style: The Schumacher Book of Decoration

If you’re obsessed with patterns like stripes and florals, this is for you. In this coffee table book, Schumacher—the iconic fabric and wallpaper company—celebrates the creative ways designers have used their most beloved prints over the years. 


The Home Edit

Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin of The Home Edit have organized spaces for everyone from Reese Witherspoon to Gwyneth Paltrow. If you haven’t had a chance to steal tips from their Netflix show, Get Organized, now’s the time to sit down with their book, which is full of advice on making just about any room look more polished.


Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave: Target Exclusive Edition

If you consider yourself a fan of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, where Chip and Joanna Gaines transformed old homes into Instagram-worthy properties, add her book to your collection. In it, you’ll find ideas for decorating with antiques, experimenting with industrial decor, and more.


Kelly Wearstler: Evocative Style

When it comes to leading interior designers, it doesn’t get any better than Kelly Wearstler. Evocative Style shows off Wearstler’s mastery of fashioning spaces that tell a story, whether it’s through mixing vintage and contemporary pieces or experimenting with unique textures and organic shapes.


The New Southern Style

Look no further than interiors photographer and stylist Alyssa Rosenheck to uncover the truth about Southern style, thanks to glimpses of her stunning home as well as those of design influencers, like Leanne Ford. This refreshing look at Southern culture, including its emerging design trends, will tempt you to bring more charm into your own abode.


Modern Americana

Leave it to interior designer Max Humphrey to reveal what it takes to pull off a modern Americana aesthetic. Think pointers on decorating with gingham, old maps, flea market treasures, and custom furnishings—all with a focus on crafting an interior that feels layered and lived-in. 


Rebecca Atwood: Living With Pattern Coffee Table Book

There’s an art to layering patterns in an interior and Brooklyn-based textile designer Rebecca Atwood shows exactly how it’s done in this book. A healthy mix of design inspiration and practical how-to’s makes this title a must-have for any decor lover. 


Elements of Family Style: Elegant Spaces for Everyday Life

It’s no secret that lifestyle blogger and decorator Erin Gates knows all about designing a beautiful room. Steal a dose of her style with this book that has all the tips you could ever need to make your home stylish, comfortable, and most importantly, functional for a busy family. 


Made for Living: Collected Interiors for All Sorts of Styles

Sometimes all it takes is browsing through a book of picture-perfect rooms to land on a brilliant design idea for your own space. Amber Lewis’ Made for Living has more than 250 photographs that offer pointers on paint colors, throw pillows, lighting, and just about any other design element you’ve always been curious about.


Everything: A Maximalist Style Guide

More is more is the perfect way to describe Abigail Ahern’s Everything. Learn the ins and outs of nailing the maximalist design aesthetic, from going bold with color to mixing furniture styles. 


Beautifully Organized: A Guide to Function and Style in Your Home

An organized space never fails to exude beauty, and Nikki Boyd’s Beautifully Organized proves just that. This inspiring book will encourage you to rid your home of clutter once and for all and put the items that hold special meaning to you on full display. 


May I Come In?: Discovering the World in Other People’s Houses

New York magazine editor Wendy Goodman has covered some of the most breathtaking homes in the world over the years. In May I Come In?, she opens the doors to more than 75 of her favorites and highlights some of her own memorabilia and photos along the way.


“Travel Home” by Caitlin Flemming

Any travel enthusiast would appreciate this book’s engaging look at homes around the world, from Portugal to Marrakesh. Its beautiful photography and tips on arranging a global-inspired room makes it perfect for any design obsessive. 


Home For The Soul

We can all do our part to live a more sustainable life and Home for the Soul offers thoughtful interior design pointers to point you in the right direction.  


“More Beautiful” by Mark D. Sikes

What does it take to make your home more beautiful? That’s the premise behind Mark D. Sikes’ coffee table book. The top designer, who is known for his love of a blue-and-white color palette, shares some of his top all-American spaces that are equal parts sophisticated and comfortable.


Jungalow: Decorate Wild

Get inspired to be a bit more daring with your design style, thanks to Justina Blakeney’s upcoming book, Jungalow: Decorate Wild. Read it from cover to cover and you’ll feel more confident in choosing color schemes, going bold with patterns, and breaking away from traditional design principles.

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49 Small Garden Ideas – Small Garden Designs

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The Backyard Homestead


If you have ¼ acre of land (or even less!), you can produce your own vegetables, fruits, grains, eggs, and more — this book shares garden plans, landscaping tips, planting tricks, chicken coop ideas, and more. 

The Best Storage Awards of 2021

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Freeing up space and organizing closets, drawers and other cluttered rooms and spaces can sometimes be so overwhelming, especially in today’s busy world. Even if you’re able to put in the extra effort it takes to clean your home, spaces that are disorganized rarely feel clean. And it’s no secret that a more organized home improves the wellbeing of everyone who lives there. That’s why organizing tips, ideas, inspirations, and stories are among Good Housekeeping’s most popular, and with that in mind, we set out to find the best, most useful, most innovative, and most well-designed organizing products, tools and devices.

Meet the Experts

How We Tested

To select these 34 top-performing products for our first Good Housekeeping Storage Awards, our experts sorted, stacked and sifted through over 140 submissions from the world of organizing products to assess performance, durability, flexibility, versatility, ease of use, aesthetics, size and other criteria. We looked at organizers both big and small — for closets, garages, home office, kids’ supplies and artwork, shoes and accessories, photos, travel, kitchen supplies and food storage and beyond. With over 60 combined years of testing experience in the Good Housekeeping Institute and organizing know-how, you can trust that we can spot a great organizer when we see it!

Super-Streamlined Kitchen

Fridge All-Stars

Smart & Sustainable Food Fixers

Wow-Worthy Closet Tools

Under-Sink Space Savers

Sensational Family Gear

Multitasking Marvels

Genius Gadgets

8 Best Toilet Bowl Cleaners

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best toilet bowl cleaners


Cleaning the toilet is usually everyone’s least favorite task when tidying up the bathroom. But finding the best toilet cleaner can not only make this daunting chore easier but something you may have to do less often. Options to get rid of those toilet rings seem endless with toilet bowl brushes, liquid cleaners, tablets, and automatic toilet cleaners in gels and tablets. If you want to spend less time scrubbing, it’s essential to get the right products for the job.

Luckily, here in the Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab, we’re bathroom cleaning experts. In addition to our advice on how to remove mold, mildew and hard water stains, we test hundreds of cleaning products each year to find the best of the best, including toilet bowl cleaners. In fact, we’ve just spent three weeks testing 12 different toilet cleaning products to find which ones require minimal effort but yield maximum results. We also review the clarity and completeness of the label directions, the need for any safety warnings based on the ingredients and how easy and neat each product is to use. Our top picks for best toilet cleaners to get rid of tough stains and make your bowl sparkle:

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Best overall toilet cleaner

Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach

In our tests, toilet grime disappeared within minutes of applying the Clorox With Bleach toilet bowl cleaner, which meant very little scrubbing to turn the toilet bowl white again. This cleaner contains bleach, so it kills 99.9% of germs and deodorizes the toilet, too. Take note: Because the liquid is light in color, we found it hard to see where it was applied and ended up putting on more to make sure the entire toilet bowl was covered.

  • Requires minimal scrubbing
  • Easy to apply
  • Kills 99.9% of germs
  • Hard to see the cleaner in toilet bowl

Best Tablet Toilet Cleaner

Continuous Clean Drop-Ins

Scrubbing Bubbles


In-tank toilet bowl cleaners work by dissolving in the water in the tank and filling the bowl with cleaner after every flush for continuous freshness and to help keep stains from sticking to the sides of the bowl. We found these tablets were easy to drop in the tank but it did take a few flushes to start to see them working. While these tablets were not a substitute for regular deeper cleanings in our tests, they will help cut down on the number of cleanings your toilet needs.

Take note: While the manufacturer claims that the toilet water with these drop-in tablets is not harmful to kids or pets or that the tablets won’t damage plumbing or septic systems, it’s best to be sure pets don’t drink from toilets where any tablets are used and that tablets are only placed in toilets that are flushed regularly so the concentration of cleaner doesn’t build up in the tank and risk damaging the parts. 

  • Cleans the bowl with every flush
  • Safe for septic systems
  • Helps keeps toilet cleaner longer
  • Not a substitute for regular deep cleanings

Best clinging liquid toilet cleaner

Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner

You’ll never have to wonder where you poured the Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner. This liquid gel cleaner clung to the bowl and the dark blue color made it easy to see where it was applied. With a little scrubbing, it removed stains and left the toilet bowl sparkling. It kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria and has an angled neck for easy application under the toilet rim.

  • Clings to toilet
  • Easy to apply
  • Kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria
  • Required more scrubbing than with others

Best toilet cleaning wand

Disposable Toilet Cleaning System

If you don’t like the idea of a used toilet bowl brush laying around, then this Clorox Toilet Wand System is for you. It’s an all-in-one toilet brush preloaded with cleaner, which means no extra cleaner required. In our tests, it was easy to dip the scrub pad in the toilet water to activate the cleaner, and start cleaning. After cleaning it was easy to dispose of the scrub pad by simply pressing the button on the handle and releasing it in the trash. We love that it’s a hands free disposal, but on occasion the cleaning pad did stick to the handle when pushing the button, requiring some extra effort to get it off.

  • Disposable scrubbing pad
  • Preloaded with cleaner
  • Easy to use

Best Toilet Cleaner for Stains

Power Stain Destroyer

Scrubbing Bubbles


You’ll know the Scrubbing Bubbles Power Stain Destroyer is working when it changes from green to blue as it gets rid of limescale and rust. The curved neck on the bottle made it a cinch to apply under the toilet rim and tackle those hard-to-see stains. After letting the cleaner sit for 15 minutes the marks scrubbed away with ease. Stubborn stains may require longer treatment time or re-application. It’s even safe to let the product sit overnight, if needed.

  • Easy to apply under rim
  • Gets rid of limescale and rust
  • May need to clean more than once for stubborn stains

Best automatic toilet cleaner

Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

This gel cleaner was simple to use and comes in individually wrapped packets to make application and disposable germ-free. Simply dispense one dose of gel so it clings to the inside surface of the bowl where it dissolves slowly to help clean and freshen with each flush. One application lasts up to two weeks. The Click Gels can’t replace the need for a good scrubbing in a toilet that’s already stained; however, they will help reduce the number of cleanings needed and help keep the toilet fresh. The Atlantic Fresh scent was also not overpowering. 

  • Helps keep toilet clean
  • Easy to apply
  • Individually wrapped packets are sanitary
  • Won’t remove stubborn stains
  • Packaging is somewhat wasteful

Best toilet cleaning brush

Good Grips Toilet Brush

Not only does this brush leave your toilet sparkling clean, but it also has angled bristles that are specifically designed to clean under the rim, making the job easier. During testing, it took a few tries to get the hang of using the angled bristles correctly, but the bristles on the head were strong enough to scrub away tough build-up. 

After cleaning, the brush was easy to put back in the caddy where the built-in drip tray caught the excess water. It also has ventilated slots for quick drying, so you’re not left with a wet, messy caddy or brush.

  • Specially designed bristles to clean under rim
  • Comes with built-in ventilated drip tray to help brush dry

Best Toilet Cleaner for Rings

Toilet & Bath Cleaning Stone



The Clorox Toilet & Bath Cleaning makes getting rid of toilet rings a breeze. It’s made of crushed and compressed glass and can scrub away toilet rings without scratching porcelain fixtures. Simply wet the stone and the bowl, then gently scrub the line inside the toilet bowl to loosen and wipe it away. The stones can be used over and over again and gradually wear down over time.

  • Removes toilet rings
  • Safe to use on porcelain
  • Stones wear down over time

What to know when shopping for toilet cleaners

Type: There’s no one size fits all when it comes to toilet cleaners. While some people may prefer a traditional liquid toilet cleaner and toilet brush, others may like the convenience of a toilet wand with a disposable cleaning head that’s pre-loaded with cleaner. There are also tablets and gels that either go in the toilet tank or attach inside the toilet bowl to help keep your toilet clean in between deep cleanings. Look for cleaners specifically geared towards your toilet problem, for example rust or hard water residue are best taken care of with a cleaner that’s made for rust.

Ingredients: While certain ingredients, like bleach, are great for removing tough stains and disinfecting the toilet, they may not be the choice for someone who has kids or pets, or does not want to be exposed to a chemical smell. Also, some gels and tablets may be safe for toilet tanks or septic systems while others may not. Be sure the check the labels to ensure the cleaner fits your lifestyle.

Longevity: The lifespan of toilet cleaners can vary, especially with tablets and gels. Some tablets and gels can last anywhere from a week to a few months. Make sure to read the label for how long these last so you’ll know how frequently you need to replace them

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33 Sophisticated Gray Kitchen Ideas

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It’s official: Gray is here to stay. After several seasons of furniture introductions in all shades of gray, we’re seeing more and more of the neat neutral shade throughout the home. And yes… that applies to the kitchen too.

Everything from countertop surfaces to barstools to tilework is being shown in varying shades of gray, from light heathers to dark, rich, almost black charcoal hues. There are still gleaming all-white kitchens out there — especially if you love that Miami penthouse look — but gray kitchens are among of our favorite current trends.

And if you’re looking to introduce a pop of color into your spaces, a gray kitchen is an excellent foundation for the look. Select minimalist gray pieces and juxtapose them with bright or lighter colored items to let them truly shine. You can even use gray as a background for a bold flash of neon, as you’ll see in our gallery of gray kitchens.

These spaces can run the gamut from stately and traditional to uber-modern, sleek city apartments. Consider glossy gray cabinetry for a contemporary home, or lightly painted wood cabinets for a space that’s more country-inspired. A gray kitchen provides a canvas for creativity, regardless of your personal design style. Perhaps best of all, gray tones can highlight the materials you’re working with, much more visibly than a shade of white or black. If you’re selecting rough-hewn gray granite or another type of gray stone for your counters, you’ll be able to see the richness of materials much more visibly than with neutrals on either end of the color scale.

Browse some of our favorite gray kitchens below and get some major designer inspiration for the next time you decide to redo this essential space.

27 Dramatic Black Bedrooms – Chic Black Bedroom Ideas

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black bedroom ideas, stefani stein

Dan Arnold

Black bedrooms: rebel move or the key to a sophisticated sanctuary? More and more designers are proving the latter to be true, casting bedrooms in the darkest hue on the spectrum to stunning effect. While black doesn’t always make the go-to list of neutrals, it’s actually a fabulous one, creating a high contrast with virtually any color it’s paired with, be it white or gray, or any color in between. Which brings us to yet another perk of black: there are few colors that it won’t look terrific with.

Those who’ve been contemplating a black room will find that black is especially easy to integrate into the bedroom, where its inherent mood of mystery will feel like a natural fit. Remember: black bedrooms don’t have to adhere to a monochromatic scheme. Black walls can be a powerful background for colorful artwork, or a striking way to set off a pair of floor-to-ceiling statement drapes. Those who favor a black-on-black bedroom should consider incorporating an array of different textures and finishes, such as matte walls and lacquered furniture. Another trick to ensure your black bedroom doesn’t vanish completely into the dark side? Good lighting. Pump up the brightness with ample table lamps and don’t hesitate to make overhead lighting a priority.

If you’re among those who have been contemplating the magic of a black bedroom, we’ve gathered a gorgeous collection of photos that illustrates exactly why it’s a go-to decorators swear by.

1 of 27

Soulful Charcoal

Birmingham-based artist William Rankin McLure cloaked his bedroom in a deep charcoal hue and pulled in plenty of white accents to heighten the drama.

2 of 27

Take it to the Matte

To juxtapose a silver sconce and convex mirror, designer Andrew Brown selected a matte black paint for the accent wall behind a crisp white upholstered bed.

3 of 27

Night Shimmers

One way to prevent a black bedroom from disappearing into a black hole? Do as design firm De-spec did and go for a black statement wall with just a glimmer of metallic.

4 of 27

Safe Jet

An all-black room can make a masterful canvas for a piece of statement art, as shown in this tongue-in-cheek just black bedroom cued up by designer Sanjyt Syngh.

5 of 27

Texture Talks

Designer Stefani Stein applied black grasscloth wallpaper to the walls of a bedroom she designed for discerning clients. The result is a room teeming with dimensionality.

6 of 27

Dark Side of the Room

Design firm De-spec elected to paint only one wall black in this modern bedroom, illustrating that you don’t need much black to make a dramatic impact.

7 of 27

Monochromatic Mood

Black can feel remarkably eclectic when paired with modern lighting, vintage paintings and casual textiles, as shown in this striking black bedroom by designer Breeze Giannasio.

8 of 27

Black and Tan

Black and tan is a classic combo. For a downtown bedroom, the design firm de la Torre design studio used luxe fur bedding in a fetching tan tone to complement a black statement wall.

9 of 27

Go Greige

If casting your walls in pure black causes trepidation, consider a just-left-of-black alternative: greige. As designer Jasmin Reese proves, the color can be just as show-stopping.

10 of 27

Tuxedo Luxe

Designer Michelle Drewes opted to use bright white trim to enhance black painted walls in this elegant and effortless-as-it-gets bedroom.

11 of 27

Make Room for Squares

Not feeling black paint? Designer Axis Mundi affixed black upholstered panels to the wall behind the bed to create a playfully posh escape.

12 of 27

Contrasting Hues

For the ultimate twist, Roughan Interiors, juxtaposed Chinoiserie—a style that’s usually partnered with cheery pastels and bubbly brights—with a mood-making black statement wall.

13 of 27

Black Magic

For an apartment revamp, design firm Fearins Welch hung a subtly textured wallpaper in a just-left-of-black hue. Low furniture and minimalist accents lend a feel that’s part Scandi modern, part Regency redux.

14 of 27


For an artful alternative to black painted walls, try as designer Dan Scotti did in this restful retreat and apply black paint to just a lofted ceiling.

15 of 27

Glossed Over

Design firm Stewart M. drummed up extra sophistication in a black and white bedroom by applying a glossy black lacquer finish to the walls in this Scotland design scheme.

16 of 27

Balancing Act

Both edgy and romantic, designer Jennifer Robin balanced a black gridded wallpaper with black and white marbled pillowcases and teal velvet benches.

17 of 27

Go with the Grain

For a stately bedroom for a bibliophile, Stedila Design sprung for dark-stained anigre wood walls.

18 of 27

Walls That Talk

Studio Gild opted for a surplus of black in this Highland Park bedroom. A subtly patterned black wallpaper paired with black millwork accentuates a colorful curation of collectibles.

19 of 27

Pared-Back Black

To energize a classic black and white palette, the design firm 2Michaels incorporated zesty pops of color. Bold green artwork, green sconces and a bright orange throw are the perfect complement to black paneled walls and simple white drapes.

20 of 27

Noir Star

There’s no rule that says black can’t be used in a teen’s bedroom. As Wecselman Design displays, black can lend a feeling of unconventional cool to a teen’s lair.

21 of 27

Black Repose

Black walls provide the ideal backdrop for sculptural white pendants in this restful retreat cued up by the firm Taylor and Taylor.

22 of 27

Black and Gold

An array of brass accents lend black walls a warm glow in this modernist bedroom designed by Studio Gild.

23 of 27

Fade to Black

Gray is a natural complement to black, as displayed in this urban-chic retreat designed by Studio Brunstrum. Silver sconces reinforce the palette while adding a hint of glamour.

24 of 27

Backed in Black

Rather than opt for a traditional headboard, the design firm Studio Gild equipped the entire wall behind the bed in shiny black cabinetry.

25 of 27

Hint of Dusk

Tricked out in a sooty gray, this master bedroom dreamed up by New York designer Jenny Wolf feels eminently elegant.

26 of 27

Dark and Handsome

Black walls paired with gray accents make for a handsome match in this dark oasis designed by the design firm Studio Gild.

27 of 27

Cast in Amber

An oversized pastoral landscape with golden undertones makes this black bedroom designed by Studio Sven a scenic escape.

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How to Cast On for Kitting

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As part of our new GH Stitch Club, we’re showing beginners all the basic techniques for knitting! And the first thing you need to do to get started on any project (FYI: we have a bunch of great options to choose from here), is to learn how to cast on a.k.a place your stitches on your needle.

There are a few different techniques for casting on, including provisional, frilled and long tail, but we advise using the backwards loop method as seen in the video above, especially if this is your first knitting project.

It’s super simple and can be done in just a few of steps:

Step 1: Make a slip knot

Make a loop with your yarn and slip it on one of your needles. Then, tighten it just a bit, making sure it’s not too stiff.

Step 2: Cast On

Take your yarn and loop it around your thumb. Thread your needle underneath, and create a loop on your needle, again making sure it’s not too tight.

Step 3: Repeat

Depending on how many stitches your project requires, you’ll repeat step 2.

Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to knitting like a pro!

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How to Work a Knit Stitch

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If you’ve been toying with the idea of knitting lately, you’ve come to the right place. As part of our GH Stitch Club, we’re creating easy tutorials that will walk you through the most important components of knitting, including how to cast on and how to cast off.

In this post, we’ll be focusing on how to knit stitch, which is the most basic stitch in knitting. Depending on your project, you may also need to learn a purl stitch or stockinette stitch, but if you’re a beginner, you’ll likely be using a knit stitch for most of your creations.

How to Knit Stitch

Step 1: After you cast on, insert your needle from left to right into the first loop.

Step 2: Wrap the yarn over your needle from left to right.

Step 3: Pull the yarn through the first loop on your left-hand needle, creating a loop on your right-hand needle.

Step 4: Slide off one stitch from your left-hand needle. This will give you the first knit stitch on your right-hand needle.

Pro tip: You’ll want to be able to slide your stitches down your needle easily. To do that make sure you’re not pulling the loops too tight.

Step 5: Repeat steps 1 through 4, until all of your stitches are on your right-hand needle.

Step 6: Switch hands and continue on in knit stitch.

Once you’ve created rows, you’ll be working in garter stitch.

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How to Cast Off When Knitting

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After you’ve finished a knitting project — whether it be a scarf, gloves or blanket — it’s so important to make sure you properly cast off (a.k.a create an end to your knitting). If you’re a beginner knitter, this part might be a little tricky! As part of our GH Stitch Club, we’re breaking down the steps to help you learn how to cast off when knitting (and if you need, take a look at our tutorial on how to cast on for a refresher).

In the video above, we will walk you through casting off (sometimes also called binding off), step by step, ensuring your stitches are safely and neatly sealed off.

How to Cast Off

Step 1: Insert your needle to knit, and then knit your first and second stitch.

Step 2: Pull the first stitch over your second stitch. Your first stitch will then be wrapped around your second stitch. Pull your second stitch through so it’s solo on your needle.

Pro tip: To avoid curling when casting off, make sure you don’t pull too tightly at the stitches.

Step 3: Knit your third stitch. Pull your second stitch over your third stitch so that your third stitch is solo on your needle.

Step 4: Repeat this process until you get to the end of your row.

Step 5: Once you get to the end, cut the yarn away, leaving just a small tail.

Step 6: Pull the tail through the last loop on your needle and tighten.

Step 7: Using a darning needle, follow the lines of your knitting and weave the tail in and out of the stitches.

Step 8: Cut off an excess yarn.

Now you can rest assured there will be no unraveling!

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